Ongoing Classes & Workshops

Come join Brian for fun, friendly, and deeply nurturing classes.  Brian’s playful and dynamic Tai Chi and Sword classes focus on enhancing fluidity which is especially useful for healing arts practitioners and those wishing to improve their vitality.  Both of these classes are open to the public and people of all levels are invited.


Wind and Waters Tai Chi — beginners welcome!
Tai Qi and Qi Gong exercises nurture my life and heart. Tai Chi as meditation and awareness in movement is my touchstone. These classes are based on the Tai Chi principles I learned from Prof. Cheng Man Ching and Sifu Tsuei Wei.”

Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:30PM    Cost: $15
Church for Today – 1449 Cornell Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702


Sword Class —  beginners welcome!
“Working with the Sword reminds me to extend my awareness and energy into the world so I can be of greater service to my communities. These classes share what I learned from my sword studies with Prof. Cheng Man Ching and Lou Kleinsmith Sensei.”

Thursday mornings 8-9:30AM   Cost: $15
Temescal Art Center – 511 – 48th St., Oakland, CA 94609

sessionTui Na Practice Sessions I practice Tui Na, Acupressure and Medical Qi Gong. This style and philosophy of being in balance and harmony refreshes me every day and is deeply healing. These practice sessions are an opportunity to deepen your understanding of these arts.”

Wednesday evenings 6:00:7:30PM   Cost: $15
Every 2-3 months. Check back for next date & location


Brian currently teaches seminars at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, Five Branches in San Jose, the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, and independently in Berkeley.

He is also excited to be teaching a series of online videoconference seminars.  Click here for more information.

  • TuiNa Apprenticeship classes:  TBA
  • TuiNa 1: TBA
  • TuiNa 2: TBA
  • Tui Na 3: TBA
  • Tui Na 4: TBA
  • Medical Qigong:TBA
  • Moxa, Cupping, & Magnets: TBA
  • Chinese Patent Formulas: TBA
  • Chinese Medicine Theory: TBA

“Brian is a true master of Chinese Medicine, Tui Na and Energy Healing. His classes are packed with insights and information you won’t  find anywhere else. His kindness and generosity is unparalleled.“

Private or semi-private tutoring is also available for select classes. Please contact Brian at 510.428.0459 for more information.